Friday, July 18, 2014

Sawako - [Baskaru 032 Promo]

Recently put on the circuit via the French label Baskaru - an imprint deeply dedicated to all things experimental with a roster including greatly appreciated artists like Yoshio Machida, who appeared as a guest performer at our long-gone "Die Gesellschaft Ist Krank"-series back in May 2003, or the Drone god Francisco Lopez - is the latest release by the Japanese sound experimentalist Sawako. With "" she dedicates herself to more floating, calm and athmospheric Ambient pieces - setting the tone with the sweet Piano-led opener "Locus Of Everyday Life", taking listeners deep into the enchanted forrests with "Nostal.Noz" by serving a menu of lovely spheres and a few light crackles before going even further with tense, droning multitwisted church bells and sweet Glockenspiel sounds trailing off in "Nemumel". More overwhelming, gently healing PopAmbient beauty is revealed in the audible oceans of "F.light"  whilst fans of tender, possibly prepared, piano sounds might vote for the looped, seemingly Hauschka'esque "Piano Cote" as their preferred piece of ear candy here. Furthermore "O.ver" presents a cinemascope view on melancholia at dusk that lasts for less than three minutes, followed by the obviously heavily prepared piano tones of "Mind.ight" that even might be referred to as the most jazzy cut on this approx. 40 minutes longs album that's closed by "In.fini", an Ambient journey into the realms of solemn Deep Listening music. If you love Ambient as a genre, you need to hear this one for sure.


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