Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fred Bigot - La Voix De La Route [Les Disques On Rotin Reunis / No School Today Promo]

A label collaboration between Les Disques On Rotin Reunis and No School Today this 10" is, the latest output of the experimental-friendly Fred Bigot which we've been following since his very early untitled 12"es released around 1999 / 2000.  And as far as experimentalism goes the vinyl issue of this one - unfortunately we've only got the promo CDr version sitting in our drive - takes this attitude in to its physical manifestation with the tracks, two on the A-side and three on the flip, those being cut as parallel spiral grooves so one cannot predict exactly to which of these tunes one will be listening to when putting the needle to the record. Which is great for a reason and so is the music - on A1 still undeniably Fred Bigot due to the trademark foundation of gnarly, electronic, straightforward and hypnosis-inducing signature rhythms both reminiscing of Wave and Industrial alike, sucking ppl in like quantum physics  beyond the event horizon of a super massive black hole whilst A2 seems to be based on electronic didgeridoo emulations or - fitting to the concept of the record - reworked field recordings from his two-month road trip to US being the starting point of these pieces.  The quirky, kinda akward B1 feels like a cut, paste and layer work built from bits and pieces of John Carpenter's soundtracks and scores, B2 pays homage to very early Kraftwerk pieces with vocodered vocals and etheral, ever moving modulations and finally we see a whole zoo's animal bunch go apeshit within the plunderphonic'esque field recording mashup of B3 which is a more fever'ish, ritualistic experience only the headstrong might stand. To be released on September 21st and defo recommended for those more experimental headed amongst the readers of these pages.


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