Monday, August 18, 2014

Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music: First Full Instrumental Version Performed Live By Zeitkratzer [Zeitkratzer Productions Promo]

They did it. Zeitkratzer really did it. After a decade of featuring Lou Reed's legendary and defo most abstract, demanding album "Metal Machine Music" as a part of their neverending performance tours here's the first full recording of the whole album, performed as instrumental version by a full orchestral  setting including clarinets, trumpet, trombone, piano, guitar, percussion, violin, violoncello and double bass to a result that can only be described as ineffible. Possible as ineffible and intangible as Mr. Reed's original album - here presented as a thrilling, ever changing, Drone-led cacophonia, a musical push button factory on tilt mode, an experimental sonic information overload, a jungle of NeoClassical and Avantgarde structures that are, despite their flickering, rattling nature, floating calmly along the banks of unexplored waters, unveiling versant glimpses of melodies amongst thunderous roars, echoes of familiaritiy in abandoned, but abundantly rich and sumptuos acoustic spheres for those being schooled by musical experimentalism and the works of modern avantgarde composers. But also those yet new to this field are recommended to check out Zeitkratzer's interpretation for a reason. 


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