Friday, September 19, 2014

Future 3 - With And Without [Morr Music Promo]

After thirteen years of silence as a project "put on hold" according to its members Anders Remmer, Thomas Knak and Jesper Skaaning the Danish trio Future 3 is finally back on track with a new album in the first half of October 2014 which is about to see the light via the overall-appreciated Berlin-based Morr Music imprint. What they're catering in terms of music with the twelve tracks featured on their new longplayer named "With And Without" can be split in two halves - a concept that'll go along with the good old vinyl version of this one. The first five tracks represent the, well, more Pop-related side of Future 3 with five beautifully floating, slightly shoegazing Indietronica tunes with an innocent, possibly in a way campfire'esque twist for those who can imagine that within a context that's predominantly shaped by electronic instruments whilst the second part, starting from "Fair" onwards tends to head in the direction of playful Electronica and Ambient, informed by Dub-techniques and sweet'n'tiny grooves able to charm and wow every advanced or even avantgarde dancefloor through the simple presence of  their crystal clear sounds and flawless pulchritude alone as well as the stunning contrast between precisely shaped synth realms and hard-edged, raw basslines as they're to be found in "Trmbns" which is defo to be named as our favorite tune here although the heavenly ambience of its successor "Return" might be the bigger hit in ChillOut rooms for a reason. Anyway, we're in for the second part at this point in time but we're pretty sure chances are good that the more vocal-flavored tunes might grow on us as well.


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