Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sascha Müller [Sascha Müller Music 1000010]

Sascha Müller's endless journey through the realms of quality electronic music continues and once again he's serving another top notch long- or better midplay assault on one of his own labels. With "1000010" he's following up to the concept of his previous album release not to care about track names no more but to focus on musical content indeed which means, in this case, seven pieces of classic Techno partly melodic with a clear connection to the mighty motor city scene, partly - like in "No9" - bathing in bubbly Acid baths or serving tripping dry minimalisms with loads of percussive elements that could be filed under the flag of Future Tribal whilst reminiscing to legendary work like Plastikman's "Spastik" or "Spaz" and mixing these influences up with deepest DubTechno chords to a great, floating effect. Even heavily filter tweaking White Noise Techno with a raw bunker twist can be found here ("No12") providing the right soundtrack for illegal squat raves taking place in run down industrial estate areas whilst the final cut "No13" turns out to be a super stripped down, vocal FX  heavy piece for Techno purists only. Great work, again.


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