Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kalipo - Yaruto [Antime Promo]

Set for release on September 12th via the remarkable Antime-imprint is the debut longplay effort of Jakob Häglsperger a.k.a. Kalipo, a man of many synths - known not only for being part of the massive stage phenomenon they call Frittenbude and previous works under his Das Basslaster moniker but also for his highly praised contributions to Audiolith's Stiff Little Spinners-series where he started to shape his unique soundscapes somewhere in between Deep- and highly melodic Romantic House, super-thrilling Future Garage excursions with masterly chopped vocal works and massive anaologue killer basslines - see especially "Come" for this one - , chromatic TechHouse affairs like delivered in the albums title track as well as further excursions into lovely Ambient playgrounds that slowly evolve into epic spiralling uptempo dancefloor movements accompanied by angelic voices ("Get Rich") and pure ecstasy. Deepest joyful swing with a slightly melancholia driven twist is to be found in the sweet, late night Future Garage-workout "Take Care Of Your Paradise" whilst echoing PostJungle-elements and heavily chopped Breakbeats add a bit of extra flavour to the highly emotional, floating "Ganja" House and the playful, frolicking "Wilt" even features what seems like the steady rattle of an oldskool'ish computer keyboard in its intro sequence - a nice reference to the analogue nature of "Yaruto" which is defo one of the most recommendable albums released throughout the late summer / early fall of 2014. Nice one.


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