Thursday, September 11, 2014

baze.djunkiii Charts 09/2014

01. The Bug - Angels & Devils [Ninja Tune]
See review for details...

02. Rutger Zuydervelt - Stay Tuned [Baskaru 031 Promo]
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03. Waze & Odyssey - Ride My Junk [W&O Street Tracks]
Released in mid-2013 it seemed like I missed out on Waze & Odyssey's "Ride My Junk" initially but thanks to what seems to be a repress this two massive recuts by Chamboche and Squarehead caught my attention just now. Pumping, stab-heavy House music with a bit of a Future Garage-twist - best used in the second half of the night played out to an ecstatic, well sensitive audience to a huge effect. Niceness.

04. Vince Watson - Rock-It E.P.[Poker Flat Recordings 151 Promo]
Vince Watson's second EP on Poker Flat Recordings and once again the Bio-head takes things to a spiralling, technoid level with a classic Motor City-twist. Ecstatic, climaxing chord-works on "Rock-It", a more uplifting, playful vibe as well as epic synth constructions on "Sonar" and finally a stripped-down, positive warm up jam named "Feel-It (Instrumental)" make this one a good one for a reason.

05. Marco Resmann - 05:27 [Upon.You Records 083 Promo]
What a killer piece served by Marco Resmann on his very own imprint. "Spider Web" on the A-side comes up as a thrilling, futuristic and yet melodic TechHouse workout with a pretty mesmerizing synth line and ever evolving leads whilst "Time Factor" on B1 provides primetime brockouts by sending out heavy, isolated signals to the very heart of the dancefloor on top of a pumping but diffident drum set before 'troity synth complexity takes over and sends whole crowds to off-kilter heavens. Finally the title track - sporting, for those who know, a very personal name indeed - serves a tense, crime scene athmosphere, dark'ish, gnarly synth stabs and a shady, direful overall vibe that announces the advent of something big and unexpected. Watch your space.

06. Pascal Hetzel - Feel That Beat [UYX 002 Promo]

Pascal Hetzel's debut on the Berlin-based Upon.You Records whitelabel series UYX and at the same his very first solo 12" ever serves three tracks for those who love their TechHouse stripped down, functional and hypnotic. Especially the B1 tune "The Brut 909" sticks out on this one due to serving raw, unprocessed and rhythmically advanced beat structures for heaving late night floors and dark underground night outs whilst "Something Happens" on B2 brings on proper ClubTechno stabs and slightly bubbling Acid references. Nice.

07. Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music: First Full Instrumental Version Performed Live By Zeitkratzer [Zeitkratzer Productions Promo]
See review for details...

08. Trentemøller - Lost Reworks [In My Room Promo]
Trentemøller did it again. After his recent album "Lost" and the follow up "Lost Instrumentals"  the "Lost Reworks" piece unveils a new perspective on his latest longplay assault, catering a bunch of seven new remixes by the likes of Toydrum, Jenny Wilson, Unkwon, T.O.M. And His Computer as well as three reworks crafted by the man himself who seems to be on a musical journey towards ultimate DarkWave and GothRock terrains these days. Thrilling for sure, but even for die-hard fans three full on vinyl versions of one album might a bit over the top when it comes to terms of commercial exploitation.

09. Özlem Schonskuttel / Justine Falschsaur - Split [Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 003 Promo]
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10. Littlebrutalravebastards Series Vol. 6 [Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 002 Promo]

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