Sunday, September 14, 2014

Big Brother On Acid - Big Brother On Acid [Al Real On Musique Promo]

File under: bass from the wild side. What's scheduled for release via Al Real On Musique on October 28th as the same-titled debut of the Big Brother On Acid project is a challenge for those dealing with heavy bass music as this eleven-track assault is setting out to destroy P.A.'s and braincells whilst mashing up all kind of musical influences and psychedelisms, creating a wild sonic patchwork drawing heavily from Dubstep / Brostep but also from psyched out Dope Beats / Big Beat-producers like Depth Charge, experimental cut ups, Mutant Instrumental HipHop and sampling weirdest things like Easy Listening, FreeJazz and Ethnic Music on acid but, like it says in "It Was All Very Good" samplewise, " had a bad trip". But a very colourful and trippy one indeed that even refers to classic Trance elements in "Vandalism (BBOA Mix)" and deepest Balearic Dub in the following tune "Sunday Today" before mixing things up with EDM-like melody breakdowns. Due to its kinda wild musical mixture possibly not everyones cup of tea, but defo not a bad one if you're looking for spaced-out leftfield bass music that's willing to take a lot of risks. But some criticism appears - Big Brother On Acid should invest some time in figuring out how to program proper outros for tracks instead of cutting things off what seems mid-track at some points.


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