Friday, August 22, 2014

Ital - Endgame [Planet µ Promo]

To be unleashed on September 8th via Planet µ is "Endgame", Daniel Martin-McCormick's third full length album assault on Mike Paradinas' seminal imprint under his Ital alias, a vital and ever floating one for sure. Located on the borders of Techno and other 4/4-based dancefloor music the brooklynite evolves his formula of creating blurred, frolicking and fractured dancefloor visions on possibly sub-standard software grounds to a stunning effect. Whilst floating and well-fitting into the niche of so-called Intelligent Techno super-hypnotic tunes like "Coagulate" or the effervescent, Synth- and Detroit-reminiscing "Concussion" present an extrordinary, peregrine and partly even extraterrestrial vibe like hearing echoes of electronic dance music of the future or from another planet, featuring familiar patterns but still unheard alien tones, sporting thrilling dancefloor rocking tunes like the huge spiralling, chromatic Acid-emulating, ever climaxing ClubTechno workout "White II" or even atmospheric, Post-AmbientTrance-like elements that turn out to fall together as one of the sweetest closing tunes after a long night out we've heard in a while and also the albums final cut "Oche" seems to be a sweetly tripping, organic and all embracing affair that sends grooving punters safely into the ultraworld. Check.


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