Saturday, August 30, 2014

Justine Falschsaur / Özlem Schonskuttel - Split Cassette [Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 003 Promo]

Recently released via the unpredictable and undeniably leftfield Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse is this limited C15 split tape edition which is the very first release for both of the young aged, female Berlin-based artists Justine Falschsaur and Özlem Schonskuttel which are bringing a little light and hope to the dark, serious and predominantly white middle-aged men ruled realms of the experimental music scene. Whilst Özlem Schonskuttel's "Tankless Rinnai" on the A-side takes care of beatless wobbly, ever moving LFO bleep modulations with a 70's sci-fi'esque movie twist we see Justine Falschsaur's "Beacon Carrier" exploring deeper, gnarly and hexed spheres before funny little minimalistic computer melodies take over and provide a highly abstract soundtrack for super advanced dancefloors and late night nerd raves which are documented by a little field recording cut a the end of side B. Twisted like a double helix. Nice.


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