Thursday, September 04, 2014

Various Artists - Hyperdub 10.3 [Hyperdub Promo]

10 years of Hyperdub. Numerous releases. Countless tracks. Genre diversification. Echoes of bass and PostRave-ambience. And it's exactly the latter that the third part of the labels anniversary compilation series is all about - the beatless textures, the grainy non-silence and twisted but yet athmospheric synthesizer workouts that have have always been present in the labels catalogue but never really made their way into the sonic limelight although being loved and appreciated interludes and exciting creative offsprings emerging out of the artists studios complementing their heavy bass assaults. On "Hyperdub 10.3" we'll find 23 of these, new and exclusive material alongside tunes taken from the vast Hyperdub back catalogue with the majority of them providing short - like less than 3 minutes - excursions into thrilling, crackling, unfathomable dimensions, partly cold like outer space, partly floating or even - like Laurel Halo's "Melt" - touching Jazz-infused territories, sweet vocal bits and even epic (Neo)Cosmic-pieces like Ikonika's "Completion V.3" or Fhloston Paradigm's ten minutes synth jam journey named "Liloo's Seduction". Further tracks are provided by the likes of Dean Blunt, The Bug, Cooly G, Lee Gamble, Burial, DJ Earl, Fatima Al Qadiri whose melodious "Shanxi" is one of the main highlights featured on "Hyperdub 10.3" and many many more which unveil a completely new and formerly hidden variant of the Hyperdub universe. Nice.


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