Friday, October 24, 2014

Fujako - Soul Buzz [Angstrom Records Promo]

Recommended to those who love the recent The Bug album to bits and are well fond of Mutant HipHop or Crooklyn Dub-imprints like WordSound or Black Hoodz is the latest release of the Brussel-based Angstrom Records which is dedicated to all things mutant and off-kilter. With Fujako's new 10" that is bringing on grim layers of distortion and industrial noisecapes the imprint caters the needs of all Mutant HipHop- and - especially talking "Preachers Echo" here - NoizeDub-headz with new levels of Opium-infused darkness whilst MC Black Saturn apocalyptic lyricism unfolds on top of dubbed out slow motion beats and Illbient-reminiscing bass wars able to destroy and delete any inapt fake P.A. system within seconds. If one needs to wipe off some nuclear dust from a massive wall of speakers to set up a zombie rave in the midst of the Nevada Test Site this is the sound to play on repeat for a reason. Don't let there be light - let there be fucking darkness!


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