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baze.djunkiii Charts 11/2014

01. The Bug - Exit [Ninja Tune]
Following up to The Bug's highly praised "Angels & Devils" album his recently released 2x12" piece "Exit" comes up with more darkness, although we see the calmer, deeper, angelic side of The Bug's musical vision come on top here. Apart from "Void" and "Function" which both have already been featured on "Angels & Devils" we see the "Void Version" explore an even more subaquatic, dubbed out terrain that will be well appreciated by those who're still loving Alec Empire's "Low On Ice" to pieces whilst "Black Wasp" brings in solemn Illbient-infused Downtempo and ethereal  background choruses which are muted in the following "Black Version".  Heavier sounds are to be found on the second 12" of this twin set with the massive DistoGrime-banger "Function" that kills every dance due to being cut even louder than on the full album as the only track on the C-side of "Exit" and so does the new Industrial Dancehall-piece "Blaow" on the flip. Heavy. Get.

02. SB81 - The Blueprints EP [METHXX 007]
Shaun Bateman's a.k.a. Nolidge's second appearance on the mighty Metalheadz-imprint under his  relatively fresh SB81-moniker is a fest for all lovers of classic Drum'n'Bass and the genres early heydays when producers like Hidden Agenda, Source Direct or anyone else featured on the first "Platinum Breakz" box set was setting new standards with each and every new dubplate. Perfectly emulating these times with earthshaking bassquakes and a lot of super detailed beat wizzardry the title track builds an endless, dark tunnel for the true headz out there whilst the "Four Tun (170 Re-Visit")  starts things with a long, haunting intro sequence and evolves into a tricky, bass warped piece of fascinating halftime Drum'n'Bass. Finally we see the B2-tune "Arq" catering a more modernist musical vision of deeply fragmented, yet minimalist bass music of the future.

03. Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 5 [Audiolith Promo]
See review for details...

04. Terry Farley presents Acid Rain: Definitive Original Acid and DeepHouse 1985 - 1991 12" Sampler 1 [Harmless]
Seemingly my longing to complete my vinyl collection with represses of long-loved classics instead of digging the crates for new musical developments has raised since I kinda stopped to play out as a DJ so I couldn't withstand this 12" - especially due to the fact it features DJ Pierre's "Box Energy" as A1 which I regard as one of the best Acid tracks of all times. Furthermore there are more less known classics like Ralphie Rosario's "In The Night (Original Kenny Night Club Mix)" as well as two Laurent X cuts - "Drowning In A Sea Of House" / "Machines"- that are perfectly complementing my growing stock of Acid House / House tunes from the pre-1990 era. Recommended.

05. Terry Farley presents Acid Rain: Definitive Original Acid and DeepHouse 1985 - 1991 12" Sampler 2 [Harmless]
More beloved AcidHouse classics on this one - a double pack served by Frankie Knuckles featuring Jamie Principle with two of their best known collaborations "Baby Wants To Ride" and the highly hormone-dripping "Bad Boy" whilst Pierre's Pfantasy Club "Got The Bug" while riding the thrilling 303-lines of their seductive, vocal driven anthem and Pleasure Zone fulfills every oldskoolers "Fantasy" with a great late night House jam.

06. Jammin Gerald - Factory Funk [Dance Mania 258]
It seems like there are a lot of long gone labels offering represses and re-releases from their back catalogue these days and the beloved Chicago-based Dance Mania-imprint is one of these. One might guess if this demand for raw classic originals is caused by the lack of originality and edginess in a lot of todays productions or if people are keen to explore the roots of Juke and Footwork when it comes to the sound of windy city but apart from that unanswered question it's a great opportunity for collectors and lovers of electronic dance music to complete their collection with missing bits and pieces. Jammin Gerald's "Factory Funk" originates from the year 1998, an era shortly before the labels long hiatus, and serves seven raw, unpolished GhettoHouse / BootyFunk tunes for those who know which are seemingly - due to the occasional skips a lot of Dance Mania pressings are known for - even reproduced from the original mother that also served as the pressing tool for the initial print run. That spoils a bit of the fun here but on the other hand keeps up the original grimy street vibe Dance Mania was known for back in the days. A lesson in history.

07. Bitzbaker [Bitzbaker 001]
The first release from the mysterious Bitzbaker-imprint produced by the man they name Bitzbaker himself is so fresh (or rare) that it's not even listed on discogs yet so its origins remain somewhat of in the dark. Coming in to Germany via a French distributor this four track piece serves plastic-sounding DigiDub, Lo-Fi Trap with a gangster vibe, Skweee'ish Electronica on a happy tip as well as a laid back Downbeat tune for nice sunny summer afternoon session. Recommended.

08. Various Artists - Four Jacks Vol. 1 [Poker Flat Recordings 153 Promo]
Poker Flat Recordings are celebrating their fifteenth anniversary with a series of four 12" releases, each of them features two reworks of the labels back catalogue classics as well as two brand new tunes from artists that haven't appeared in the labels roster before. On the first issue we go on a journey with a quite thrilling rework of Steve Bug's "A Shot In The Dark" which is called "Taylor 'Trapped In 92' Remix" for a reason, moving dancefloors with decent oldskool stabs and positive vibrations whilst The Organ Grinder remixes Boris Dlugosch's "Sweet Talk" to a well-stomping effect whilst raw synth motifs are swaying to and fro, accompanied by a sweet little Acid-modulation and Future Garage-reminiscing vocals. On the flip we'll find the notorious Youandme and their "Quince" providing a tense, stripped down version of crime scene House for the small hours of an ecstatic night out as well Tom Flynn's "She's Nice" which is a deep, damp and sexy TechHouse affair sporting a plinkering, ever modulated synth line as most recognizable feature alongside some mysterious background vocal bits for an extra thrill.

09. Vandal / Yowii / TLB [Raggatek Power 003]
Originally released in 2013 this one caters a quite interesting and well unique fusion of heavy pounding Hardcore with a few Tribe Tekno bits and a remarkable amount of Jungle-influenced Ragga-toasting - a combination that amalgamates surprisingly well into a bouncy, positive crossover of styles able to mash up anything from illegal Teknivals set up by crusty Hardcore heads and independent spirits, massive Drum'n'Bass raves as well as the occasional soundclash  on fire. Nice one.

10. Yvat / Tlic - Yvatlic [Minor Label 031]
Limited to 200 copies on yellow, labelless vinyl is the latest release on Leipzig's Minor Label, fusing the creative forces of the two artists that have been responsible for a main part of the labels output throughout the past two years. Whilst Yvat fuses heavy distortion, beat twisting and melodious Electronica in a kind of Aphex Twin-manner on the A-side we see Tlic explore cold, grinding, sci-fi'ish soundspheres based on a slow, pounding 4/4 foundation on his B1 tune "Digital Kautschuk" whilst things are speeding up with "Homeo Sapiens" on B2 to a not less grinding effect. Frosty.


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