Saturday, November 01, 2014

Sascha Müller & Duality Micro - Atomic City Grooves [Psychocandies 029]

Scheduled for November 27th is "Atomic City Grooves",  the next full length album to be unleashed via the Acid-loving Psychocandies-imprint which is crafted as a collaborational effort by Sascha Müller and his longtime associate Duality Micro. Usually known for exploring the wild side of the cankered, acidic swamps the opening ten minutes-jam "Stomach Recorder" shows off a new, surprisingly deep and partly romantic variety in Acid whilst featuring tender pianos and decent slow motion beats. The following title track takes the still present piano play to a more haunting and spooky place that hypnotizes late night crowds with creepy field recordings, tantalizing strings and eerie surface noises. With the arrival of the mysterious "Space Machines" we see time signatures get really gooey and viscous Acid lava starts to surround tripping Electro beat structures that just "Shove Shove Shove" their way through the hot fumes rising from the molten rocks in the next tune. Talking the second to last chapter of this deep Acid trip we see the "Robots In The Jungle" staging a feverish ritual dance whilst echoes of extinct felines' roars are providing a spine-tingling thrill from the dark side before the final cut "Thank You And Good Night" serves a previously unheard of fusion of Electro, Acid and deep ass Dub - amalgamating these styles into a sweet, superminimalist late night smasher for Ambient-friendly dancefloors. Props!


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