Thursday, October 30, 2014

Peter Knight & Dung Nguyen - Re:Residual [Parentheses Records Promo]

It's been four years since the pairing of Peter Knight & Dung Nguyen interwove the musical strings of Western and Vietnamese music with their album "Residual" to a highly acclaimed result and it's only now that their collaborational effort is valued again with this package of five remixes released in album format under the name of "Re: Residual" via the Belgium-based Parentheses label, sprawling out into a wide and well-fascinating musical spectrum with Lena's interpretation of "Autumn Music" that leaves a lot of the Asian influences intact and comes across as a sweet and thrilling piece of what might be described as EthnoDub. Furthermore we see Tilman Robinson on remix duties for the "Phase Pedal" serving a calm, minimalist DroneAmbient recut accompanied by tender, warm but still isolated guitars well reminiscent of early works provided by Post-PostRock / PopAmbient artists like Klimek whilst Joe Talia's interpretation of "Minky Star" also explores ambient'ish paths but crosses over into warm, playful Clicks'n'Cuts as well as to embedding the sound of transformed, reprocessed brass winds to weigh in an abstract level of Future Jazz - think the legendary Viennese "The Showroom Recording Sessions" 12" here - to the 11+ minutes journey into advanced bar music of the very future. With Black Sifchi's edit of "Travelling" we see a cold, clean, metallic accumulation of rhythmic layers and buzzing sci-fi structures combined with vocals that might have been taken from an educational film about astronomy, especially star clusters, before the final Dan West remix of "Residual" fuses cold Drones with frequently pulsing bass lines and a dry MinimalTechno excursion that leads us straight to the heart of the well-advanced dancefloor. Nice one. Recommended.


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