Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Extasis - Zechenloe Mastermixes 06/90

This is a tape mystery that has been sitting in our postbox most recently. Obviously a promotional mixtape from back in days revived or a clever fake for a reason as the tape cover refers to an ominous DJ Wolfi Bernreuther no-one has ever heard of before, living in an even more dubious city named Drübnitz (Kelm) that is not to be found on any map. But no matter what, these so-called mastermixes are good fun for all lovers of  AcidHouse, Hip- and EuroHouse, ItaloDisco and early NuBeat-influenced Frankfurt Techno. Bringing in all the hits of that era alongside quite a bunch of lesser known but still fascinating tunes in a nostalgia-evoking sound quality of a slightly worn out cassette the "Zechenloe Mastermixes 06/90" perfectly reflect on the sound of mixtape culture flourishing in the wild and exploding dance & DJ scene of the very late 80s and early 90s, an era of raw sound and endless euphoria that is the foundation of all what we we call electronic dance music today. Lovely!


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