Friday, December 26, 2014

Johann Johannson - The Theory Of Everything Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Back Lot Music Promo]

Just on screen in German cinemas for a few days only is "The Theory Of Everything", the movie and love story based upon the life of the great scientist we all now as Mr. Stephen Hawking. And although we haven't been to the movies yet to see this flic the original motion picture soundtrack has been sitting in our P.O. box just recently, a score written by the Icelandic composer Johann Johannson who's also been on score duties for the film "Prisoners" in 2013 and furthermore released on highly respected label like 4AD, Touch and Ash International amongst others throughout the past twelve years. As the movie plot seems to be dealing with love, affection, romance and tenderness instead of focusing on the scientific side of Stephen Hawking's well-documented life it's not much of a surprise that Johann Johannson's approach to the score is focusing on classical elements like the use of simple piano melodies and large, yet softened string arrangements played by an orchestra setup minus the whole drum and brass section to a sweet, sugar coated effect that leaves not much room for drama and surprising changes - apart from the use of acoustic guitar in "Forces Of Attraction" - which is intended. With this choice and approach Johannson works in the tradition of many score writers from the very early days of cinema onwards, no matter if their work was crafted for real movies or animated ideal world movies where everything ends up in a happy-go-lucky finale, which will be well appreciated by soundtrack collectors and the largest part of the movies target audience longing for this specific kind of musical  beauty, especially throughout the quiet, calm and love-filled time at the the end of the year. But still, as a stand alone album "The Theory Of Everything" might be seen as a little too kitsch-loaden and Easy Listening even sometimes touching the borders of so-called elevator music in our verdict.


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