Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Etienne De Crecy presents Super Discount 3 [Pixadelic Promo]

Well, even if one's not necessarily digging the so-called FrenchTouch in House music there's no doubt about the fact that Etienne De Crecy and his Super Discount-project have been somewhat of a game changer in the past, introducing the filtered frenchie sound to the world in 1997 and then turning things into a more uptempo madness with the second volume in 2004. A decade has passed since then but now is the time for "Super Discount 3" - a much discussed  album these days and, when it comes to our verdict, the best Super Discount ever. Starting out with the polished 80s melody featured in the super slick club cut "Night (Cut The Crap)" before serving an innocent, yet impeccable piece of Plastic Pop sporting a hookline that's about to be stuck in your brain for ages ("You feat. Madeline Follin") is quite a clever move to set things straight within less than nine minutes, introducing the stylistic landmarks this album is about to present. The following "WTF with Pos & Dave" can be seen as Miami Vice-referencing 2k14 update on HipHouse whilst the hyper-ironic "Hashtag My Ass" brings large amounts of glitz and discoid vibes for a pheromone driven late night crowd and the "Smile"-named collaboration with long time companion Alex Gopher  lives up to its name, spreading nothing but cosy, positive energy - one to be loved by each and every punter but also a tune that might get a bit annoying after a while as every DJ and their mother is about to play this one on heavy rotation. Pop makes a big return when Mr. Crecy teams up with Tom Burke in "Sunset", a tune that serves raw, clap-heavy beats and super epic vocals with a slightly psychedelic and well-acidic twist. Mad filter works are included as well. Speeding things up on the dancefloor is "Amazing", a conjunctional effort with Julien Delfaud that's about to please all lovers of cowbell-emulating, percussive stabs and a surprising melancholia nicely contrasting the tracks uptempo foundation before tender Electronic Funk takes over in "Follow with Kilo Kish". All those appreciating a proper dose of kitsch in electronic music will love their "Love" right although this tune's are a little too candy-coated for us and so is "Family with Baxter Dury", a final trip to Discoland catering some proper guitar licks and a fair bit of Funk alongside sugary strings and super softened female vocals. Leaving alone the last two tracks it seems like this one is a good and highly recommendable one. Check!


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