Saturday, January 31, 2015

Celer - Sky Limits [Baskaru 035 Promo]

Within nine years only Will Long's solo since 2009-project Celer has churned out an amazing mass of, mostly Ambient, music with a discogs count of 115 releases in this period including an astounding number of 84 albums alone, including his most recent output "Sky Limits" which has been put on the circuit via the highly recommended Baskaru-imprint and which serves further explorations of Ambient music, this time featuring embedded field recordings taken in the Japanese cities of Kyoto and Tokyo throughout the years 2012 and 2013, bridging the gaps between the slowly floating, organic and possibly healing beauty of Long's compositions like "Tangent Lines", "Equal To Moments Of Completion" or "Wishes To Prolong". But, despite all this beauty, it seems like these small extracts from a foreign countries original everyday soundscape are the more or at least most interesting bits on "Sky Limits" as - a problem well known to the experienced Ambient head in general - most of the genres possibilities have been heavily explored throughout the past two decades, especially when it comes to its emotional, string-loaden and slightly kitschy side, which results in a feeling that one might've come across the musical story told in this album a few times before and at some point in the past. That said we're not about to diminish the musical quality of "Sky Limits" in itself which is well crafted and definitely living up to the genres quality standards but after having listened to a good bunch of Ambient albums before one is not necessarily taken by surprise here. For die-hard Ambientists only.


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