Thursday, January 29, 2015

Second Moon Of Winter - One For Sorrow, Two For Joy [Denovali Records 219 Promo]

Put on the circuit via Denovali Records earlier this month is the first ever release of the Ireland-based ensemble named Second Moon Of Winter which recorded their six track debut "One For Sorrow, Two For Joy" within a few short live sessions only, without any aftertouch of any kind - no editing, computer wizzardry or even overdubs involved here. This said, the result is a pretty remarkable one, swinging around in the field of Jazz Noir, Opera and supercinematic (Neo)Classical music whilst even touching the borders of medieval sounding elements, Avantgarde Music and dark Drones in tunes like "Ghandi Missed The Train"  - a piece that not only turns out to feature intense droning but also massive reverb that makes one wonder how large that south Ireland basement must've been in which this thrilling EP was recorded. Compared to the tune mentioned its follow-up "Magpie", despite sporting quite dark'ish lyrics, starts out on a more playful, even slightly romantic vibe before a heavy electric guitar cuts through the niceness, serving a crass, yet not fully disturbing contrast for a while, introducing a part driven by careful improvisations. This same guitar is making a second appearance in "Cigarette"'s first half, complementing the Opera-like vocalisms and later making way for more oriental instrumentations. Closing with "Where The Blue Meets The Green" we're through a thrilling 27 minutes journey that is surely one of a kind, not only due to the fact that it's about to appeal to Avantgarde folks as well as to a more conservative audience usually leaning towards the more traditional paths of Classical concert music. Recommended.


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