Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Atari Teenage Riot - Reset [Digital Hardcore Recordings Promo]

Following Atari Teenage Riot since their early days when we saw them playing live in Hamburg at a rave party around 1994 and bought their "Deutschland (Has Gotta Die)" and "Into The Death" on the legendary Digital Hardcore Recordings compilation "Harder Than The Rest" in late 1995 it's pretty obvious that we're kinda thrilled to get our hands on their new album "Reset" which is causing riots even more than two decades after the bands initial launch. And although quite a lot has changed in their music since these days e.g. the distorted Breakbeat ultraspeed violence has vanished some years ago being replaced by what's to be called a highly compressed electronic StadiumRock- / IndustrialRock-attitude even sporting some melodic, EDM-like breakdowns - see the albums title track for that - that never would've been found in their early works their lyrical message is still as raw, uncompromising and riotous as ever, especially in tunes like the massive cy-war anthem "Death Machine" or the ravaging "New Blood" , both able to shape the minds of a future generation of kids starting to embrace the music of Atari Teenage Riot whilst going through their formative years. Referring to the chorus sequence of "Modern Liars" or "Crash" the band's approach is surely slightly over the top as their adding a total kitsch-overload here, but regarding the fact that "Reset" was originally intended as a Japan-only release it all makes sense again whilst the follow-up tune "Transducer" serves an uncompromising CyberPunk-attitude. Pure grinding, slow-motion evil is served in "Erase Your Face" which might be referred to as equivalent to "Death Star" on their 1997-released "The Future Of War" and the angelic intro synths of the closing track "We Are From The Internet" are playfully abusing Trance cliches only to blow 'em with banging drums, super distorted guitars and a clear lyrical statement on the power and empowerment of a single individual in the digital realms. A high-octane fueled ride this album is and surely one that's about to make people rethink the system and the structures that do surround them.  


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