Sunday, January 25, 2015

Midaircondo - IV [Twin Seed Recordings Promo]

Released only a few days ago via Twin Seed Recordings is "IV", the well-obviously fourth full length album of Midaircondo which the pairing of Lisa Nordström and Lisen Rylander put on the circuit on their very own imprint. Recorded live and in front of an audience without any kind of technical safety net the our-savvy Swedes that have played around Europe, Africa and the American continent since their first album "Shopping For Images" was relased via Type back in 2005 easily flow through their set here, serving a fascinating and unique amalgamation of Dark Jazz and Noir Listening which have to be named as main and most important musical landmarks, uberly precise Downtempo Electronics, super calm Ambient ("Sun Upon You") that seems to be influenced by music for meditation from the Eastern hemisphere, threatening, bass heavy soundscapes ("Solitude") and lovely bits of Future Jazz. But not everything is about pure listening pleasure only here as Midaircondo - similar to their Icelandic sister at heart Björk - also incorporate more physically moving, dancefloor fitting elements in occasional songs like "Veins" which are, although not produced with a heaving audience in mind obviously, impellent enough to set bodies in motion at some point. The fragility and longing expressed in the thrilling Clicks'n'Cuts reminiscing "Apology" brings some tunes of Portishead's "Dummy" back to mind immediately whilst the ultrasparse "Quakes" are as playful and friendly as classic Plaid songs but, like most of the eleven pieces to be found on "IV", layered with a unique vocal approach that includes both classical singing as well as playing around with syllables and sounds created by the human voice - without any specific meaning but athmospheric presence. The closing cut "Closure" does not only sport a great name but brings back the calm Ambient sound and mix it up with elements taking from NeoClassical music and free floating Electronica, perfectly rounding off an album well-remarkable. Nice.


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