Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fabio Crivellaro - Comic Sans Terrorist [self-released tape]

Cassette tapes are a big thing these days, making a slightly unexpected underground comeback and so we were pretty pleased to see this little limited self-released sucker in our postbox today, bringing us the (non)-music of Fabio Crivellaro which was - according to the inlay "...produced, arranged, recorded and poorly engineered" throughout the period of 2011 to 2014. Issued as a hand-numbered edition of 50 copies only we see the artist exploring a wide spectrum of sounds within a range from grooving Rhythm Industrial / Power  Electronics to feedback loops, excursions into Tracker Drum'n'Bass and even Lowest-Fi ItaloWave that, for some reasons, brings bands like Troimucha Croupisuldos or the legendary "We  Don't Care About The Haircut" Nik Kershaw tribute compilation back to mind which both were released on the great Augsburg-based Dhyana Records imprint back in the days. Furthermore we'll find Ingenious Dilletantes crossing over with Drum Machine- / Feedback Jazz, Lo-Fi Electronica sporting all-embracing sinewave bass modulations, distorted TrackerCore, nerve-wrecking feedbacks, Minimal Wave and other treats nursing the needs of true underground aficionados (and ultra-nerds) with a vast musical variety that is, in most of the cases, pretty unlikely to be served by a single artist these days. Especially watch out for the, well..., uberhit of this rare album which is the pretty obscure Industrial Wave-cover of The Swans "I Am The Sun".


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