Sunday, January 04, 2015

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 029]

Sascha Müller,  the man unstoppable at his machines, comes up with his 29th album on his very own Supersix Records Extra-imprint these days, taking us to his "Wohnzimmer" - translate as 'living room' - with the opening tune, a place as technoid and spiralling as an Acid / Intelligent Techno fusion can get and a great weapon of choice for underground Techno raves on fire. Same goes for the dry, Phonk-driven follow up "Alpha Lock" which is about to please all those missing The Advent's trademark sound circa late 90s  and early noughties whilst "Mode Select" is on a Synth / Cosmic driven Ambient tip and "Starsky And Hutch" takes care of slightly distorted minimalism in uptempo Tech affairs. The "303 Music" lives up to its name, serving nothing but great, hypnotic Acid lines on top of hammering bassdrums,"Acid Eats My Brain" gets our AcidTrance-fans sorted and the hard hitting, slightly industrial-sounding "Anime" is a rattlesnake of a percussive banger that's about to cold floor large sweat-soaking crowds within a few bars only. SwampTechno might the drawer to put the well-hypnotic "Auto Speed" into due to its strange and twisted, alien sounding backward bass FX whilst "Back To Back" brings in a heavy percussion attack and impellent, agressive filter sweeps on high octane synth stabs, "Bleep And Blonk" has a kind of dark, tribal'esque and fever'ish ritual feel to offer and "Bug System I" is even able to please the Hardcore-posse with highly compressed, solid-concrete bassdrum assaults and noisy layers of intense percussive elements spraying all over the place. Finally the closing tune "Cablewire" is sporting somewhat of a minimalist DroneTechno style for the very last hours of an extended night out, keeping the crowd moving whilst using only a few basic elements and a slowly oscillating bass Drone. A perfect farewell track for sure.


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