Saturday, January 03, 2015

Thomas Köner - La Barca Complete Edition [Thomas Köner self-released]

Thomas Köner. Well-appreciated and highly praised artist in the field of experimental music, Ambient producer and conceptualist. Back in 2009 he released his concept piece "La Barca" as double vinyl and CD with different tracklistings, a massive package of Dark Ambient vs. Field Recording pieces and the result of two years of travelling around the globe, capturing the audible fingerprints of places as different as Cairo, Beograd, Spitsbergen, Hamburg's Hochallee, Tokyo and many more, developing a cycle consisting of 22 tracks audio and audiovisual of which five remained unreleased up to this date. With Thomas Köner's self-released Complete Edition of "La Barca" the full piece, title-wise referring to the sun boats of the Egyptian mythology, is now available in its entire beauty, floating along calm, melancholic, slow and slightly melodic rivers of sound, taking us on a Deep Listening journey around the world, unveiling voices and street sound fragments to a certain degree being sonic indications of where the solar barque has lead us to throughout the past minutes. Nice one.


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