Saturday, January 10, 2015

baze.djunkiii Charts 01/2015

01. Dub Phizix & Strategy - Buffalo Charge [Senka Sonic 001]

This tune's pure Drum'n'Grime madness. Razor sharp production and killer lyrics. Tune of the year in bass music for me and a proper example of musical realms that need more exploration in future times. Also check for the Drum'n'Bass banger "Bounce" on the flip, coz it's brillant too.

02. Various Artists - What The Hell Are You Doing? [Full Time Hobby]
See review for details...

03. Jahdubtahz - Dub Street / Long Lost Dub [45Seven 009]
Not too long ago I stopped by at my favorite pressing plant for a short visit and got a bunch of the latest releases by the great 45Seven-imprint that fuses classical Dub with more recent Breakbeats and elements of other bass music. The "Dub Street" on the A-side of their 009 is about to please all oldskool junglists for a reason whilst the "Long Lost Dub" on the flip enters deepest Dubstep-related realms with etherial vocal bits.

04. Diphasic - Backbone Dub / Reason [45Seven 011]
More junglistic Dub and signals are to be found in the massive "Backbone Dub" that's setting floors on fire with its spaced out amalgamation of musical elements whilst the super minimal "Reason" gives us Dub inna super-experimental but still kinda militant style.

05. Dr NoiseM - Reset My Pain [T.R.U.P. Rec 037]
See review for details...

06. Ambassador 21 - Riot Generation [Restroom Records 016]
Although already released in March 2014 I came across this one only recently, a red vinyl six track piece that brings us a bunch of remixes created for Ambassador 21, the Belarus-based defenders of Digital Hardcore and the Eastern Block equivalent of Alec Empire's Atari Teenage Riot. This said it's pretty clear that the original versions of "Riot Generation" and "Fuck All Systems 14" are rage and anger-fueled explosions of electronic violence and the reworks created by The DJ Producer, The Outside Agency, The Teknoist and End.user covering a range from furious Hardcore to heavy Drumstep and Post-Breakcore are made for the headstrong only as well. Discover the dark side.

07. Beam Up - Helden / Frankie [45Seven 010]
Somewhat located in between pumping Dub and rolling HalfStep this little mother of a 7" pleases all those longing for a bridge between the roots of seemingly live dubbed bass music and todays scenes whilst the flip comes up with a deeper, more oriental and melancholia flavored feel in Dub.

08. Kasper Bjørke - Apart feat. Sisy Ey *Remixes [Hafendisko 017 Promo]
Two remix versions for Kasper Bjørke's collaborational effort with the Icelandic band Sisy Ey, originally to be found on his recent album "After Forever". Kompakt stalwart Michael Mayer is taking "Apart" to new, epic heights by adding layers and layers of soft and uplifting (Neo)Trance-strings and sweet melodies to a cosy foundation of TechHouse-drums whilst Ewan Pearson's rework on the flip goes slightly deeper with his more discoid version and ever modulating synths. Nice.

09. Pentatones - Karma Game Retouched By Steve Bug [Poker Flat Recordings 157 Promo]
This is not your typical Poker Flat Recordings 12" and the first release on the label in which Steve Bug serves his vision on what might happen when an more experimental Leftfield Pop like Pentatones' "Karma Game" song is transferred into clubland by his own hands. Defo more positive and less moody than the label's usual output, filled with cascading synths and sparkling modulations and - most importantly - sporting sweet'n'seductive vocals by Pentatones' singer Delhia De France which accompanied Steve Bug on one of his previous single as well vocalwise. On the flip we'll find a dub version - equals: same track minus vox - of the "Karma Games" retouch, but both versions are supposedly to be heard a lot throughout the coming months. Neat.

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