Monday, January 12, 2015

Renegades Of Jazz - Paradise Lost [Agogo Music Promo]

The year is 2015 and after a few pretty skyrocketing years with DJ-sets all over the and a residency at Hamburg's world famous Mojo Club it's time for the man known under the moniker Renegades Of Jazz to serve his sophomore longplay piece which is - to cut things short - nothing but epic. No matter if we're talking the super-cinematic opener "Haunting The North" with its dark, frosty feel via the positive Breakbeat Funk with a noir'ish twist in the albums title track leading to the action-driven "Flemish Cap" featuring Karin Ploog on vocals, which btw would serve the perfect score for a vintage spy flic, and going further into uptempo realms with the energetic Jane Kennedy feature "Neverday" - all of these tunes do prove that is Renegades Of Jazz on fire these days and there's more to come. With "Fire" featuring Aspects the sound of urban UK takes over, amalgamating rich, atmospheric and massively thrilling Funky Breaks with Ragga-toasting and Stereo MCs-reminiscing HipHop,  "Hellesens"  featuring Dylan Kennaway brings in some high speed Texicana crossbreeding with vast brass sections and heavenly choirs and the "Imperial Breed" fuses Drum'n'Bass and jiving Dancefloor Jazz to  great effect. This, as well the follow ups "Cannibal Royal" and "Tamerlane", are featuring Greg Blackman on vocal duties who performs perfectly on this triple, no matter if on top of fever'ish Voodoo-drums or crooning dope Funk whilst Chima Anya's guest appearance on "Death Grip" is more of a noir'ish crimescene kind, surely to be appreciated by all Grime- and UK HipHop-headz loving the classic Two Fingers and Sway collabo "What You Know" or rappers like Plan B to bits. Going back to instrumentals with "Lucifer's Rising" we'll find more tripping dark moods merging with beats dope as dope can get before the closing tune "Ban-Shee" serves tremulous, cinematic DarkJazz with thundering bass FX for those who know. Top one. Get.


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