Monday, March 09, 2015

Aloa Input - Mars Etc. [Morr Music 136 Promo]

It's been about 18 months ago since Aloa Input released their album debut "Anysome" via Morr Music, their very first exploration of twisted IndieFolk realms and playful experimentalism. Now Aloa Input are back with their sophomore longplay piece named "Mars Etc." which is leaving the Folk-part alone musically, replacing it with Indietronica, a spiralling, vintage psychedelia vibe and a more raw and edgy orientation although the vocals remain intimate and tender, even in songs like the pretty harsh, distorted ElectroBilly affair "Oh Brother" which, due to its contrasting interplay of musical mayhem and pillowy chorus, is one of the most remarkable tunes on "Mars Etc.". More caressing vibes are to be found in "The Door" which features some funny bleeps sounding like R2D2 in love whilst the "21st Century Tale" nice combines high speed vintage SynthWave and dreamy, happy-go-lucky campfire vocalisms that, when one listens closely, aren't that happy-go-lucky at all. With "Hold On" Aloa Input are even exploring deep Viennese Future Jazz melancholia musically, the "Blabla Theory" mixes up heavy Garage Rock drumming and a confusing razzmatazz of quirky vintage sounds to a great effect and the next to last super dope, singalong song "Mad As Hell" turns out to be a little hit for advanced Indie floors and other places populated by music lovers before the ballad'esque "Ruth The Communist" is waving goodbye to all Aloa Input fans with delicate harmonies. A pretty coherent follow-up this is, and defo one to be well appreciated by the bands followers for sure.


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