Monday, March 16, 2015

Wardrobe Memories - Life After Suicide [Feline/Feral 001 Promo]

Fans of classic Ambient and Deep Listening Music will be pleased to learn that Turgut Kocer's Wardrobe Memories project is making a vinyl comeback these days on the new Voluntary Whores offspring named Feline / Feral. The new album entitled "Life After Suicide", a name that seems to go well alongside Kocer's undoubtedly present  fascination for thing dark, macabre or sacred, is released as a hand-numbered edition of 200 copies, half of them printed on black, the other half on coloured vinyl and serves a dozen tracks which can be referred to as an obvious progression in the Wardrobe Memories sound that started out in more droney realms, took a turn into danceable rhythm structures with the 2011-released "The Lodge" and is now to be described as dwelling on endearing romanticism, tender piano play and deep, unpretentious musical beauty that just is, and does exist beyond any further implications or preconceptions. This said, one wouldn't be surprised if this approach to pretty flawless elegancy and sonic romance is about to provoke some criticism about being too smooth and kitschy by those who're missing the slightly edgier, grittier tone that used to resonate within Wardrobe Memories' earlier works but hazarding a guess that the project might be en route towards (neo)classical shores in future times "Life After Suicide" is a quite accomplished transitional longplay effort that'll be well appreciated by Ambient purists and sonic aesthetes.


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