Thursday, May 07, 2015

baze.djunkiii Charts 05/2015

01. SFX - Can't Get Enough [Telepathic Bubblebath 001 Promo]
See review for details..

02. Mikal / Nymfo / Riot [Metalheadz META021]
Thrilling three track EP crafted by Mikal and his musical comrades on the ever ruling Metalheadz-imprint that's bringing us next level Drum'n'Bass with this one. Mikal's solo effort "Where They At" is a minimalistic stepper referencing to good old Jungle days with loads of beat wizzardry and thrilling twists on the A-side whilst Mikal & Nymfo's "The Chosen" is a decent, slightly techy roller with amazing deadly subs and a futuristic, 'long dark tunnel' attitude once known as one of the most  defining characteristics of Drum'n'Bass - watch out for a brilliant breakdown here. Finally there's Mikal & Riot's "Control Of People", the track which caught our attention when first hearing it in a mix a few weeks ago. Not only make the dark apocalyptic vocal bits stand the track out from the rest but first and foremost it's the clattering, abstract stop-and-go Phonk beatwise that makes this one so unique and special. Killer!

03. Skeptical - Imperial EP [Exit Records 053]
Interestingly enough Drum'n'Bass has been catching my attention more and more again lately as things seem to be tending towards more stripped down production approach within that scene recently. With his "Imperial EP" the man Skeptical lays down a bunch of three nice, minimalistc rollers here plus the futuristic HalfStep banger "Delusions Of Grandeur" which introduces eleborate, detailed Ultra Phonk and the most threatening bassline we've come across in a while. This tune alone makes the whole 12" worthwhile for sure. Get.

04. Leise Im Kran - Welding Sessions [Moniker Eggplant 008]
Already released in October 2014 this six track cassette crafted by Leise Im Kran for the Berlin-based underground imprint Moniker Eggplant is nothing short of a thrilling masterpiece. Lo-Fi Downbeat meets warm, analogue sawtooth basslines, bustling Electro-BigBeat meets tweaking Acid bubbles, overwhelmingly friendly sub modulations mix with jumpy DarkJungle on hyperspeed whilst electroid Acid'n'Bass sends all underground ravers up into heaven. If you used to love labels and projects like SMB, FdB Records or Deadsilence Syndicate in the past this one's for you!

05. Bidol Cath - Live In Pill-Vomperbach 11-02-15 [Starting To Pestalozzi 001]
See review for details...

06. Jack Ingoff - The Turn Off EP! [AAACID 002]
Being brought up on a diet of AcidHouse I do seriously doubt that anything Acid will ever grow old on me especially if it resembles the raw, jacking and unprocessed vibe of the movements early days like these four tracks on this stamped whitelabel do. So, recommended.

07. Pukemaster Gehm [Solar One Music 033]
Solar One Music delivers some mental stuff here produced by Pukemaster Gehm a.k.a. Andreas Gehm a.k.a. Elec Pt. 1 which brings us a four track, limited pink vinyl serving including dark, spiralling underground Acid as well as psychotic heavyweight Electro sporting angelically levitating string constructions (and a good portion of Acid, of course) for dark, illegal basement raves. If this is where your head's at and you love classics like BamBam's "Where's Your Child" as well make sure to check out this little gem.

08. Vojeet - Re-Co.De [Cathartic Noize Experience 004]
Dang, this is sick shit. Vojeet serves four tracks of heavy, ultra-noisey Speedcore with a bit of twisted humour and undeniable tracker / 8bit-references when it comes to lo-fi melodies crafted for brain destruction and dancefloor termination. Possibly the best Speedcore 12" we've come across in a while, catering  a veritable hit with the B2 tune "Furry Buttom" and its remarkably ecstatic vocal sample.

09. Landsky & Resmann - Lava [Upon.You Records 090]
Thrilling collaboration between Upon.You-founder Marco Resmann and longtime House ambassador Martin Landsky which btw released Marco Resmann's first ever 12" on his very own label Intim Recordings, produced under Resmann's former alias Phage. Together they're presenting on point TechHouse for primetime abuse with "Lava 1", turn their heads towards deeper late night joints with the more melodic "Lava 2" and enter floating Intelligent Techno realms with their final "Lava Dub". Nice.

10. Magit Cacoon - Other Dimension [Upon.You Records Promo]
We've got a double first here - first album for the formerly Tel Aviv- and now Berlin-based Magit Cacoon and the first ever artist album to be released via Upon.You as well. Expect deep, melodic TechHouse visions joined by seductive vocal joints, great oldskool-reminiscing stab works ("Freedom Is Timeless"), epic, uplifting synths and trippy, spatial effects ("Other Dimensions") as well as some masterly crafted Ambient interludes from this one. Diversity rules.


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