Monday, May 04, 2015

Soley - Ask The Deep [Morr Music 138 Promo]

Scheduled for release on May 8th, 2015 via Morr Music is "Ask The Deep", the sophomore album of the Iceland-based Soley Stefansdottir, praised solo artist and also known to many as member of bands like Seabear and Sin Fang. And it seems like, after release of last years' Piano-driven "Kromantik" EP, Soley has found back to songs again with this longplay piece, re-focused and turned her head more towards a multi-instrumentalist approach instead of centering her musings around the sound of ebony and ivory. This said, "Ask The Deep" offers a broader stylistic variety indeed with fascinating songs like the etherous, yet anthemic "Ævintýr", the ultimately stripped down intimacy of "One Eyed Lady", soft vintage-sounding Pop based on a foundation of crunchy, distorted drums to be found in "Halloween" or the graval, minimalist Post-Indie of "Follow Me Down" that will surely also appeal to those being fond of artists like Dillon etc.. Experimental, tribalistic drums accompany the spaced out, slightly uplifting appeal of "Breath" with its super lovely piano breakdown whilst the epic, dark'ish and well ceremonious intro of " I Will Never" leads Soley into a beatless, dream-like state of mind. More vernal territories are entered by the harmonious, Indietronica-savvy "Dreamers" and the closing tune "Lost Ship" brings us back to where Soley comes from - beautiful piano outlines, carefully layered strings and fragile, ever fascinating vocals. Sweet!


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