Sunday, August 30, 2015

Restgeräusch - 4x15min.15sec. [Od_Ex Trip 001]

This is a 2001-released classic that was handed to us recently by Mr. Patrick Peetz of Odrex Music @ the Taubertal-Festival 2k15 and although these pages are mostly dedicated to reviews of new stuff this album is too important to not review this - especially as the second Restgeräusch album named "Volume II - 2x30Min. 30 Sec." on Mille Plateaux is one of our favorite Noize / Experimental albums ever. With their third and final album Cem Oral and Roger Cobernus once again explore the world of microtonal adventures and highly reinforced field recordings within an ongoing 61 minutes journey - not split into four parts as the title might suggest. Expect a deep, highly ruminant trip through calm, undulating Noize, electrical buzzing and what seem to be obscured field recordings of random background voices whilst scattered, yet thunderous roars and sweeping winds from far away galaxies appear here and there, accompanied by high frequency beeps, strange throbbing noises and slow, yet hyper-intense build-ups and crescendoes gradually annihilating the consumers brain cells for a reason before the last ten minutes of "4x15min. 15sec." provide a psyched out variation on subaquatic rumble and echoes of trippin Acid that slowly fade into dead silence. Still relevant after nearly 15 years. 


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