Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Steaming Satellites - Steaming Satellites [The Instrument Village Promo]

Due for release via The Instrument Village on September 18th, 2015 is "Steaming Satellites", the third and self-titled album by the Austrian, Salzburg-based band outfit Steaming Satellites which has been around for about a decade now. As the CD promo came flying in with a pretty extended info sheet that overly praised the bands achievements and sound that somehow was described as being connected to the Indie scene but also incorporating elements of Pop, Funk, Blues, Rock etc. . we - naturally - were a little skeptical after reading these references as these genres, except some Indie, are not necessarily what we're in for on these pages. But according to our policies we're reviewing each and every promo coming in, so giving it a shot was a must and although we're not finding any Indie in any of the 13 songs on their self-titled album this one might be regarded as a solid PopRock-effort by fans of the genre, seasoned with a little bit of Alternative Rock here and there, providing minor highlights with songs like "Unreal", "Move On", "Circles" or "Back And Forth" and bringing in some complexity drumwise in "Phone". Not a bad album at all for fans of late 80s and early 90s Radio Rock - Brian Adams, U2 and the likes of - but nothing that hasn't been done gazillion times before and, due to this fact, inducing more like a bit of mouldy nostalgia instead of triggering major excitement on our side. Would be interesting to see what the bands target audience and fanbase looks like, though.


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