Friday, October 16, 2015

LeRoy - Skläsh [Schamoni Musik Promo]

Scheduled for release on October 16th, 2k15 via the Munich-based imprint Schamoni Musik is "Skläsh", the second vinyl outing of Leroy Hopfinger a.k.a LeRoy who is exploring well eclectic, leftfield territories on this snow white six-track 12" vinyl. The epic opener "Like A Disease" is wandering the thin line between trippin' KrautRock (... in 2015!!!), sweet, delay-heavy melodies and the hollow underground aesthetics once sported and semi-popularized by the Augsburg-based band outfit Deep whilst the follow up "Blue Sea" exceeds the borders of Folk to introduce a new sub-subgenre to be referred to as Underground HighSpeed Freak Folk and has possibly been recorded on 4-track in someone's bedroom under the influence of certain substances able to alter the perceptions of space and time. Following up is "The Beach", a quirky, yet slow and calm instrumental guitar cut that seemingly micro-changes speeds every few seconds like a badly worn out tape recorder. "Ktulus Return", the first  tune on the flipside, brings to mind a lo-fi version of krauty Breakdance Electro mixed up with proper Phonk and ethereal synths that would've been well fitting for a release on the German Astro Chicken-label for a reason, "Skai" slighty speeds up things whilst providing a super positive, uplifting and nearly tropical feel adding up to a nice, super seductive bass motif and a killer glockenspiel hook,  and "Untitled Long Time" introduces a sweet Easy Listening aspect to organic, loopy Indietronics. Finally the closing tune "Niemals Erwachsen Werden" serves tripping, skippy Underground Pop for the headstrong, heavily dubbed out and abused through various delays and FX pedals and defo a worthy choice to end this mini album. One for a small, but dedicated audience loving their freaky leftfield music to the max.


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