Wednesday, October 21, 2015

[aniYo kore] - Tally Sticks [Bob Harris 004 Promo]

Coming in from Dortmund / Germany is "Tally Sticks" , the third longplay outing crafted by the two electronic two piece outfit [aniYo kore] which have been praised as the saviours and ambassadors of vocal-driven TripHop / Downbeat by these pages more than once throughout the past years and listening to their most recent outing we're pretty much tempted to refer to them as probably the only serious TripHop band existing on the music circuit these days. With a sound that has - even in comparison to their fabulous musical works released on albums prior to this one - become even more mature, thoughtful and conscious their 2k15 outing often reminds us of the moody, stripped down and minimalist vibe once brought to all headz in absolute perfection by Spacer's legendary 1996-released debut "Atlas Earth" but adds more Dub wisdom to a spatial foundation comprised of slow motion beats, huge analogue bass and intimate, semi-acoustic, folksy guitar works whilst crystalline female vocals unfold in the most emotional way one can even think of. These vocals, smoky, seductive and marked by life, defo are the adhesive agent holding together the most abstract, loose, disconnected beat structures like they're to be found in "Make Things Right" or levitate freely over the abysmal bass attacks of "Broken Science Tango" which introduces Dub-referring offbeat licks on top of threatening, slo-mo beats. Talking vocals we'll find - and this is an alteration to the [aniYo kore]-sound - a few sparse male vocal backings here and there, perfectly adding up to the bands vibe whilst the sample rate has been minimized to a certain extent although cryptic and mysterious, dubbed out transmissions are still around, spreading otherworldly words of wisdom, oozing long lost or hidden knowledge that will be easily felt and understood by all those still connecting to Dubadelic's "Bass Invaders" album or similar releases of years long gone. But not all things are Downtempo here as the lusty "One More" sets crowds in motion quite easily and "Midnight Sun" even brings in a krauty, Blues-reminiscing vibe for a closing tune. Highly recommended stuff for sure!
More on the album unboxing and artwork of "Tally Sticks" can be seen in this video:


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