Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dr. NoiseM - The CDr A-B-C: E [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

Dr. NoiseM is back with the "E" episode of his epic 26 piece series "The CDr A-B-C" and once again he's taking us to the lands of intense, threatening Dark and Death Ambient with a single piece album that spans an epic runtime of approx. 79 minutes , the absolute maximum to fit on a CDr these days. Whilst the first 10 minutes of this journey take us into Darth Vader's darkest dreams of the living dead whilst we hear his slow, mechanical breathing we're attacked by an enormous swarm of metallic, alien mosquitos swinging back and forth after that, cold and relentless winds wander and mold the surface of deserted planets before a distant sun rises around minute 25 and tranquil, angelic choirs appear. Throughout the daytime period the winds calm down to a point of total peace, we hear waves of frozen methane oceans breaking on cliffy coasts no man has ever seen. These elements, combined and fused over an extended time, fall together as a hypnotic, yet relaxing and solemn result that is over way too soon, unless one hits the ply button for another round. Excellent.


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