Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Duality Micro - The Blue Tape []

Duality Micro is back on track with a new, self-released cassette tape single these days and once again it's great to see how the return of this medium inspires more and more underground producers to focus on the aesthetics of DIY, very limited editions and physical formats to push their music through instead of relying on digital files only that are, and we all know that, condemned to going under and being recognized by no-one due to the sheer mass of releases to be found on bulk platforms like Beatport, iTunes and the likes of as well as being mostly unheard on any digital streaming services. On the A-side of this C20 tape we're experiencing an ever morphing journey into the hypnotic lo-fi tribalisms of (Neo)Cosmic / Synth music, a ritualistic approach that also might be well-appreciated on Psychedelic Trance-driven beaches of the Indian subcontinent, as well as an additional spiralling take on the more nerve-wrecking side of Acid Trance catering the needs of the genres deepest underground. Flipping the tape we're entering the world of raw and jacking, Chicago-reminiscing Acid that's, well, escalating quickly and keeps punters busy throughout the entire side of the thing. Nice one.


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