Saturday, December 19, 2015

Fufanu - Few More Days To Go [One Little Indian Promo]

Recently released on the ever active One Little Indian label on December 11th, 2k15 was "Few More Days To Go" which is the debut album of the Icelandic outfit Fufanu, formerly known as Captain Fufanu amongst the followers of nordic Techno and House musings. Now, after making the decision to slighty readjust their name and acting as a band their sound has changed drastically, going down the PostPunk / Wave alley rather than losing it on the dancefloor. Marking their spot with the feedback-driven, fuzz guitar-heavy opener "Now" that'll even resonate with disenchanted Grunge kids for a reason they're proudly presenting their new sound and the follow-up "Northern Gannet" fully puts them into an era of cold war depression, concrete walls dividing cities and dark smack moments. With "Wire Skulls" they're fusing PostPunk and subaquatic, Iggy Pop-reminiscing PostWave for self-destructive night creatures, the "Circus Life" is a seductive seven minutes journey best heard whilst driving on the road to nowhere when the sun sets, "Blinking" brings in the fuzz to the Indie and "In The Light Of The Night" spells thoughtful melancholia like Bauhaus in their deepest moments. The "Ballerina In The Rain" performs her dance to the more dreamy, dubbed out side of fuzz-loaden PostPunk, "Plastic People" dance the robot to twanged guitars on patchouly smoked New Wave-floors and "Your Collection" actually contains a good bunch of Goth Rock for the big hair worshipping people of the night. Finally "Goodbye" waves farewell to the listener in a nice'n'dark, yet ballad'esque style and concludes a well diverting album take that's a sweet companion for grey winter days - plus: a refreshingly different approach to what has emerged musically from the volcanic rock named Iceland througout the past years.


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