Friday, December 11, 2015

Markus Oehlen - Wanne 4 [Infinite Greyscale 008]

Recently released via the Berlin-based imprint Infinite Greyscale is Markus Oehlen's new 10" release "Wanne 4" which apparently seems to be the artists first full-on solo release under his real name in thirty years. The artist, brother to painter Albert Oehlen as well as painter in his own right as well as German Punk / PostPunk pioneer and member of former groups like Deutschland Terzett, Flying Klassenfeind, Van Oehlen and more, explores the possibilities of experimental, percussive and rhythmic guitar on top of a surprisingly dancefloor suitable electronic 4-2-the-floor structure, creating a fascinating and well-hypnotic flow for advanced late night sessions on this one-sided vinyl which, also due to its lack of hi-hats, slowly bends the boundaries of space and time, riding along on meandering, irregular patterns which are shortly interrupted by two clunky, robotic drum breaks and finally lead into layers of more recognizable, reverberating, semi-acoustic guitar works and a short moment of concluding clarinet experimentalism. A fascinating release both for lovers of the eclectic side of leftfield Techno & House only played out by DJs to well-educated, advanced audiences that really understand the true depth and history of the genre but also a recommended and hand-numbered gem for lovers of non-conformist, unique sonic journeys. Get.


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