Saturday, January 09, 2016

Gintas K - Message In A Bottle [Music Information Center Lithuania 087]

Well, honestly Lithuania is not necessarily the first country that comes to mind when discussing experimental electronic music but, as in every other country, a scene does exist and the ever active Gintas K, who has recently released his x-th album "Message In A Bottle" via the Music Information Center Lithuania label, seems to be one of the scene's main protagonists. Over the course of fourteen tracks rolled out on his most recent longplay piece which is a compilation-style overview of his sonic work created and put on the circuit throughout the years 2004 - 2015 plus two previously unreleased tracks - "5m" and "Message In A Bottle" - the man better known as Gintaras  Kraptavicius to his parents explores a spectrum from pure, highly digital sound modulations to dry, rhythmic Electronica influenced by Rhythm Industrial and interfered by beautiful piano sequences ("Excerpt From"), gets into calm, cinematic Glitch Ambient with "Reloaded Beauty" and even Oval'esque Clicks'n'Cuts in tunes like "Lovely Banalities".  The unreleased "5m" is meant to please those digging the art of chaotic digital synthesis, "Track #72" is more of a warm, embracing contrast compared to its predecessor although a slighty chaotic and random aspect can be found in its sizzling background noises which are layered on top of Ambient Electronics and breaking waves at the shore and the 492 seconds of "Blind Man Tale 2" elegantly combine polyrhythmical percussions and rasping Ambient distortions. More hyperglitched structures are to be found in "Nota Demo 3", "Love Is Love 7" brings us some heavy, multilayered Noise outbursts with an undeniable tonal aspect and the needs for scientific sounds of the digital age are catered by both versions of "pOpXEnA". As expected "Love Is Love 8" is more of a noisy affair again, focusing on harsh, eruptive outbursts instead of taking care of tonality and finally the title track "Message In A Bottle" amalgamates beautiful Ambient chords and buzzing digital activity within 12+ minutes. After listening to this album Lithuania has been put on our map for electronic experimentalisms for sure. Nice.


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