Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lars Graugaard / Thomas Hejlesen - Tears Of Dionysius [Clang]

It doesn't happen too often that we're bound to review a full piece of audiovisual art but as there's always an exception form the norm here is our verdict of  "Tears Of Dionysius", a collaborational DVD of Lars Graugaard and Thomas Hejlesen released on the Clang imprint in late October, 2k15 and realized with the help of the Icelandic contemporary music ensemble CAPUT. Exploring the history and nature of man's sexuality in 13 scenes somewhere along the lines of Friedrich Nietzsche's "Geburt Der Tragödie" - a piece not familiar to us - the spectator is taken on a curious observation of various sexual activities incl. lesbianism, foreplay and full-on intercourse close-ups displayed through snippets and scenes taken from anonymous black and white recordings of the 1920s - 1940s era that finally explode into a psychedelic kaleidoscope of structures, resembling an orgasmic climax. But still these scenes, accompanied by tales from Nietzsche's tale and a more classical than (neo)classical score approach by CAPUT, serve more of an aesthetic attraction to the blurry, diffuse visuals of the original silent film era and its sometime clunky reproduction of movements rather than an idea of true erotica, resemble the unpleasant joy of guilt-burden voyeurism in a fascinating way that for a reason has been supported by the Danish Composers' Society Production Pool and the KODA's Fund For Social And Cultural Purposes. Recommended not only for movie collectors and film freaks.


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