Saturday, January 09, 2016

Lärmheim - Cent Soleils [Lärmheim]

Coming from the Swiss side of the Noize / Industrial spectrum is Henri Du Saussure a.k.a. Lärmheim who has recently self-released his debut longplay piece "Cent Soleils", a ten track album meandering in between highly digital Noize and freeform Breakcore with its opener "One Second Before The Most Blinding Light Of All", serves highly dystopian, futuristic soundscapes and eruptive distortion attacks interspersed by calm Ambient beauty and abstract rhythm signatures in "Deadeye" and goes into dead cold realms of off-kilter modulations and robotic screeches with the decaying aesthetics of "Trommelgraben" which are strangely contrasted by childs melodies and merciless, ultra-compressed drum explosions. "Werkstatt Cysp" caters more twisted and multilayered melody works interfered by distortion outbursts, processed field recordings and digital pulses on overdrive, "Streichgraben" is reprocessed percussive, yet organized chaos that is likely to appeal to both fans of modular synthesis as well as IDM / Glitch headz, "Faurmanter" twists distortions and modulations layered on top of heavy Rhythm Industrial-reminiscing structures, will be appreciated by those loving labels like Mirex, Hymen or Ad Noiseam for a reason and shall be played in underground venues at maximum volume levels whilst "Alctrines" introduces the cinematic, more Ambient side of Lärmheim's work. Mr.  De Saussure's "Video Game Soundtrack" is a thrilling, most melodic affair fusing strange, yet uplifting synth works and stuttering rhythms to an epic effect that can be described as brainchild of early synth masters and twisted IDM whilst "Werkstatt Fulx" is a trip into multi-voiced, sci-fi Space Ambient and the final 11 minutes of "Rumori Danza" are a maelstrom of highly digital bleeps, beams and stretches accompanied by distorted ship horns evolving into screaming synths and an ecstatic, repetetive drumkit excess that's later even joined by a positive, super synthetic bass motif. After a bit of additional silence we even are able to discover a crystalline hidden track serving unexpected piano beauty, a surprising yet pleasant move after a thrilling 60+ minutes of well-recommended heavy electronics. We're into this.


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