Sunday, January 03, 2016

Various Artists - Hits Agogo One [Agogo Records Promo]

Scheduled for release on January 22nd, 2k16 via the Hanover-based imprint Agogo Records is "Hits Agogo One", a thirteen track compilation piece summing up the labels past two years as well as presenting a bunch of exclusive tracks and remixes to round things off nicely. One of these exclusives is the opening tune which is Funk Busters' "Celestial Blues" featuring Greg Blackman on vocal duties, a sweet example of the labels overall freestyle approach that well fits in in BrokenHouse, Funk and other contexts, Da Lata's "Going Underground" represents the more brazil'esque, Easy Listening ClubPop side of the spectrum and the Grant Phabao Remix of Mop Mop's "Run Around" featuring Fred Wesley & Anthony Joseph keeps dancefloors buzzing with uptempo and slightly filtered Reggae-reminiscing vibes. Mo'Horizons "Junge Affair" as 'The Soul Sessions Remix' slowly evolves into a fever'ish, fascinating take on Jazz-influenced House music, Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers "Rar" in its 'Spiritual South Rar'est Remix' version is a swinging affair somewhat in between BrokenHouse and Phusion that might also fuel BigBeat crowds to the max and Renegades Of Jazz delivers an AfroFunk-influenced exclusive with "Tempo Tempo" that possibly can be seen as first glimpse of what's to expect from his forthcoming album due somewhen in 2k16. Furthermore we see the WDR Big Band & GT's "Now I Can" remixed by Mop Mop being a proper and well sexy Funk Noir vs. Future Jazz affair, Hidden Jazz Quartett's "Luvlite" reworked by The Soul Sessions turns out to be a deep and intimate late night Soul tune for lovers, Lack Of Afro turns The Hi-Fly Orchestra's "I Got Hope" into a dope yet laid back and seductive HipHop affair and finally Stephan Abel's "Olhos De Gato" waves goodbye with a good portion of nicely crafted Future Jazz in slow motion. That's what we'd call a proper start into a new year for the freestyle scene. Check this out.  


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