Saturday, January 02, 2016

Rougge - Monochrome [Rougge Production 002]

Put on the circuit via his own label Rougge Production is Rougge's new longplay piece entitled "Monochrome", his sophomore album and follow up to the 2007  debut "Fragments". Consisting of ten tracks, all referred to as numbered 'Fragments' and focusing on pure and romantic piano works and high pitched, wordless vocal efforts "Monochrome" surely refers to Piano Pop and over the top romanticism, defo crosses the borderline to kitsch on a regular basis but still has a certain edginess or at least novelty flavour to it, mostly due to the anomalous use of the artists voice that might set the album apart from other contemporary piano romanticisms. This said, we're still not impressed by this approach and can rather imagine Rougge's music being used as score for C-tier erotica and art porn flics than for proper homelistening sessions as "Monochrome" doesn't strike a chord for us.


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