Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bit-Tuner - A Bit Of Light [-Ous Promo]

After we've already featured Bit-Tuner's tune "Reality Tunnel" a few weeks prior to this review it is now about to have a closer look on his most recent album "A Bit Of Light" which was put on the circuit via the cryptically named Swiss imprint -Ous in mid-January. Heavily focusing on influences from PostGarage, Electronica and Bass Music in this sixteen track album Bit-Tuner manages to incorporate empyreal beauty in tunes likes the opener "Ignitron", complex drums that make you head nod ("The Call") and ravey, big room stabs accompanied by Trap-influenced, militant beats in his longplayer ("Immune") whilst tunes like "Twin Crystal" are rocking advanced dancefloors with a mixture of perfectly crafted string motifs and warped basslines on overdrive. Furthermore "In The Small Hours" gives way to more haunting, experimental sounds whilst  "Wirewalker" and "Low Church" fuse slow-motion Techno and hypermelodic (Neo)Trance structures, "Premonition" brings in cinematic drama and "Megalith" is riding the IDM Rave train for advanced late night work outs. But these are only a few interesting to mention taken from a whole package of consistent quality. Nice.


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