Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Balustrade Ensemble - Renewed Brilliance [Serein 009]

Recently released via the Serein-imprint is "Renewed Brilliance", the second longplay effort of The Balustrade Ensemble which is following up to their 2007 album debut "Capsules". Led by composer Grant Miller and recording / mixing engineer Scott Solter the group explores soft, beautiful Ambient and PopAmbient structures mostly based on warm, organic chords and strings and a slightly esoteric feel whilst adding textures of harp, cello, non-vocal voice, piano and other natural instruments to the rich, melodic layers to be found on this album piece which will most likely appeal to soundtrack / score lovers, dedicated followers of Kompakt's 'Pop Ambient' series and - especially thinking of "Show Us To The Sky" here - sugar-coated neoclassical compositions.


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