Monday, February 15, 2016

Simon Whetham - Against Nature [Cronica Electronica 103]

Soon to come as 103 of the Portoguese Cronica Electronica-imprint is Simon Whetham's most recent album entitled "Against Nature" which consists of five takes of the same name, all recorded and generated throughout his residency at the Agder Kunstsenter in Kristiansand / Norway in late 2013. "Against Nature [1]" is a quiet, partly repetetive piece that might be generated from contact microphone recordings overhearing digital processors and their micro currents for lovers of Clicks'n'Cuts , "Against Nature [2]" brings in wistful electronic moaning and tense, Morricone-like atmospheres of lurking terror whilst "Against Nature [3]" caters layers of polyrhythmic sinewave tones, rumbling field recordings, clanging glasses and indifferent moving objects accompanied by vibrating tubes. Furthermore we see "Against Nature [4]" start off with scraping tones and stereophonic noise pulses later joined by muffled sounds resembling slowly boiling liquids before a harsh metallic strike leads into a total plot twist, turning the whole tune into a robotic, mechanical audio sculpture. Finally "Against Nature [5]" brings in hissing drones, electrical buzz and nice waves of low frequency bass wildly disturbed by experimental filter works to round things off nicely here, concluding a well-recommended album for lovers of experimental electronic music.


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