Friday, March 11, 2016

Ital Tek - Hollowed [Planet µ 374 Promo]

Set for release on the long-running Planet µ-imprint on March 18th, 2016 is Ital Tek's new album piece named "Hollowed" in which  the former Dubstep / Bass Music pioneer is moving away from the dancefloor-focus to explore deeper, darker and more introvert realms musically which are perfectly announced by the albums opener "A Delicate Balance" - a cloudy Electronica / Ambient hybrid of delicate beauty. Following up is the "Redeemer", a tune that can be referred to as heavenly take on slo-mo PostGarage / PostRave granted to please fans of Burial's early works for a reason, "Beyond Sight" first tricks the listener by providing a well dancefloor friendly intro before falling back into spiralling, introspect depths being finally accompanied by shuffled, distorted 4/4's after more than 2 minutes, guiding punters through a (Neo)Cosmic-resembling universe of sound whilst "Terminus" provides a dystopian threat and post-nuclear winter feel, leaving no doubt about lurking evil depicted by terrifying bass waves, whirring strings and stumbling uptempo beats. The "Cobra" is a sci-fi homage to HorrorTrap , the intense, clean "Nex" combines large-scale siren and string arrangements as well as vary-tempo hi-hat figures, "Memory Shard" fuses a crystalline motif with thick droney strings and non-vocal voice cutups before a surprise cut reveals slow Electronica beats and the beauteous "Murmur" pays respect to the work of both classical composers as well as early Synth pioneers on top of a foundation of heavy, yet tardy beats.  Exploring the chatoyant world of "Aquamarine" we'll find warm, slow-paced sawtooth basslines reminiscing of Ital Tek's history in Dubstep as well as a short, ever modulated main motif of possibly modular origin, "Reflection Through Destruction" could be seen as sonic depiction of a tracking shot of an inner city battles aftermath and "Jehova" brings, as one might guess, redemption. Towards the end of "Hollowed" the second to last skit "Vesper" brings 94 seconds of pure Ambient beauty before "Vacuum I" delivers a mightful closing in its amalgamation of cinematic harmonies and swelling crescendoes. Epic!


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