Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Curse Ov Dialect - Twisted Strangers [Monotype Records 023 Promo]

After seven long years of silence Curse Ov Dialect are finally back with a new album entitled "Twisted Strangers" which is about to be put on the circuit via Monotype Records on April 14th, 2k16 and the experimental HipHop-outfit is back with a twist for sure as one might guess from the anthemic SynthPop-referencing intro of the opener "Brotherhood" that soon turns into a bleepy, playful Braindance-variation of the genre. If there's HipHop in Alice's Wonderland this it what it'd sound like and the same goes for unique rockers like "Return Of Them All", the super intense, sample-heavy title track or the menacing, nightmare'ish "Defy & Decay" - all of them carving out Curse Ov Dialect's own, widely unexplored niche in HipHop, aiming for creativity and uniqueness rather than for bling or gangsta vibes. More greatness is to be found in tunes like "Wisdom Transformation" which brings in more dancefloor tripping sample madness and drama alongside the vocal talents of Skinwalker, in "The Legend Of Leigh Bowery" the group is abusing a classical string section and choir to fuse and amalgamate these bits and pieces with raps and beats to a result that can be filed under the flag of, well..., ethereal and theatrical Novelty HipHop whilst the "Wood Panel" skit works skipping CD-aesthetics and cut-ups to the absolute maximum and "Precious Liquids" featuring Kaigen and Stormtrap on vocal duties introduces Japano SurfHop with a well psychedelic twist to the hyperthrilled ADD audience. If Kreayshawn ate too much candy alongside Charli XCX whilst rocking a party with the Beastie Boys, Dr. Octagon, Mike Patton and the mighty Pizzicato Five "Twisted Strangers" would be their musical love child coze this is the best and most interesting HipHop album of 2016 so far.


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