Sunday, April 03, 2016

baze.djunkiii Charts 04/2016

01. FFF - Sweet Revenge [PRSPCT RVLT 011]
Highly recommended release on limited turquoise 12" put on the circuit via the Dutch PRSPCT RVLT-imprint, an offspring of the Drum'n'Bass label PRSPCT. Producer FFF, who has been a stalwart figure within both the DarkJungle- and Breakcore-scene for more than a decade, churns out four heavyweight tunes for maximum mayhem and massive brockout which can be defined as 2k16 update of Jungle for all those loving the sound of legendary Digital Hardcore-producers like Sonic Subjunkies that combined super-chopped breaks combined with straight 4/4s or the amen-heavy beat excess brought to us by the likes of Soundmurderer & SK-1 and their Rewind Records-imprint. There is darkness, you know?

02. Dub Phizix - Do One ft. DRS / Doberman ft. Ward 21 [Senka Sonic 002]
Dub Phizix carved out a niche of his own within the wideranged spectrum of Drum'n'Bass with his extremely detailed productions regularly meandering in a twilight zone of being half time and full on tempowise. On the long awaited sophomore release on Senka Sonic he defo sticks to what he's best at with vocal support of an extremely precise MC DRS whilst the more Ragga- / Dancehall-influenced toasting of Ward 21 weighs in some mad soundclash vibes for heaving dancefloors. Excellent stuff.

03. Gorgon Sound - Find Jah Way [Peng Sound 001 Repress]
I've always had a love a love for Dub, StepperDub and mid-90s DubHouse as the fusion of fast-paced 4/4 bassdrums, classic Dub structures and loads of echo FX was labeled back then. That said, it's not big of a surprise that Gorgon Sound's Peng Sound-debut from back in 2012, now repressed for the fourth time, strikes a chord for me as it combines all this with contemporary studio quality and modernist production techniques. The original dubplate version on the A-side might also work well with Dubstep crowds whilst Dubkasm's rework on the flip is more of a tribute to the classic Reggae- / Dub- / DubHouse-scene soundwise, easily floating, laid back, yet able to rock floors for a reason.

04. DJ Roc - Practice What U Preach [Duck n' Cover 004]
Eight bad ass Juke workouts served by DJ Roc who's able to present an overview of what the genre has to offer stylewise. From the deep, saxophone-sporting, Jazz-induced "Lowend Unity" to Breakbeat overdrive in "It Takes Two" or soulful hypercomplexity in the mini albums title to huge apocalyptic, stab-heavy anthems like "Destruction" and classic ghetto themed bangers like "Got No Crack" or "I Make Gutta" this album / EP is a must for everyone following the Juke from the heart.

05. The Beacon Sound Choir - Sunday Morning Drones [Infinite Greyscale 009 Promo]
See review for details... 

06. Dr. NoiseM - The CDr A-B-C: I [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]
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07. Maja Osojnik - Let Them Grow [Unrecords 011 Promo]
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08. Antanas Rekasius - Fonogramatika [Music Information Centre Lithuania Promo]
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